Magicard ID Card Printers

Printer Features

  • Edge to Edge Printing

    Edge to Edge

    High quality 300dpi images, with true colors, right to the edge of the card.

  • 2 Years Limited Warranty

    2 Years Limited Warranty

    Standard warranty on the entry level Pronto and Enduro+ range. Ask about our additional support packages..

  • 3 Years UltraCoverPlus

    3 Years Ultracover Plus

    Full three year UltraCoverPlus warranty with no hassle printhead and loaner cover in North America and EU.

  • Holokote

    Magicard Holokote

    Automatically prints a high security watermark into the overcoat panel during the print cycle without incurring extra consumables costs. See Security for more details.

  • HoloPatch

    Magicard Holopatch

    Works with HoloKote to produce a highly-visible gold seal on the card, printed using special card stock. See Security for more details.

  • Custom HoloKote

    Custom HoloKote

    Custom HoloKote is a secure custom HoloKote watermark printed in a grid pattern across your card.

  • Custom HoloKote FLEX

    Custom HoloKote FLEX

    A full size, secure custom HoloKote watermark. Custom HoloKote FLEX imprints a logo watermark of any size and location on the card.

  • Printer Lock

    Printer Lock

    The laminate compartment can be locked in order to secure your custom laminates.

  • Over Laminate

    Over Laminate

    The Tango +L laminates single-sided or double-sided cards as standard, for extra card durability and security.

  • Mag Stripe Encoding


    A dual coercivity HiCo/LoCo mag stripe encoder option which offers encoding of all three tracks with complete user format flexibility.

  • Extra Large Hopper

    Extra Large Hopper

    An additional 200 extra capacity hopper is available on the Rio Pro making this suitable for heavy duty batch printing. Ask for pricing on this option.

  • ICC Profiles

    ICC Profiles

    Superior quality enabled by ICC profiles. Available on the Rio Pro.

  • Ethernet


    Standard Ethernet interface for networking, in addition to USB and Parallel interfaces.

  • Duplex Printing

    Duplex Printing

    Duplex printing for convenient one-stop issuance of double-sided cards, and for batch printing applications.

  • Duplex Upgrade

    Duplex Upgrade

    The single-sided versions of the Enduro and Rio Pro can be upgraded with a unique drop-in field enhancement.

  • Ultra Violet (UV)


    A dye sublimation Ultra Violet (UV) ribbon enables printing of invisible photographs, logos, text or symbols when issuing high security cards.

  • Rewritable


    Rewritable cards have one glossy side in PVC for colour or monochrome dye sublimation printing and a matte finish side with a blue or black thermochromic sensitive material that can be reprinted up to 500 cycles.

  • Encoding Options

    Encoding Options

    Card encoding enables electronic data to be written to the card as it is being printed. Magicard ID card printers support a wide range of in-printer card encoding:

    Magnetic Stripe  All printers can be specified with ISO standard 7811 compatible HiCo encoding of magnetic stripe cards. Magicard’s dual coercivity HiCo/LoCo magnetic stripe encoder option offers encoding of all three tracks with total user format flexibility.

    Contact chip encoding  In Magicard’s professional series, an optional ISO7816 internal smart card chip encoding contact station can be specified autonomously or in combination with a magnetic stripe encoder option.

    Contactless encoding Various contactless smart card encoding options such as Mifare, Desfire, iClass and Legic are also available in professional series printers.

    Combi encoding Combi encoding, contact and contactless combined, is supported by all printers.